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Riley Scott and I started rescue back in 1994. We were both working for the same animal hospital when a red merle was dropped off for a new pet exam. The owner just adopted him from the SPCA in Dallas. During the exam, the Dr. noticed a large abcess due to a bullet wound located near his penis. He was urinating out of the hole caused by the bullet, which in turn, made more damage. The doctor informed the owner and due to the expense, the owner wanted to return him to the SPCA.

One of our doctors was sweet on him and told the woman she would take responsibility for him since he would be euthanized if brought back since the damage was so severe. Dr. Hoppes donated her services and operated on Riley. He was hospitalized for a week. Everyone at work kept putting our name on the cage card. They figured he was an Aussie he must be ours. After talking to several members of Heart of Texas Australian Shepherd Club about Riley, we decided to take him on as our first rescue dog. Riley was heartworm positive, and our club put up the funds to treat him. He stayed with our family for 6 weeks after the treatment; we fell in love with this boy. He was as sweet as they came, but was terrified of thunderstorms. It was hard to place him in his home, but by then we had taken in on our second dog and knew if we kept any rescue dogs, somewhere one would die if we didn't save it.

We were very lucky to have the financial support of our local aussie club. If we did not have that we would not have been able to rescue the number we have. In 1996 I became involved with the Aussies Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH). This was one of the best things I have done. I now have not only financial support, but mental support. Being in rescue takes a lot from you. You have to prepare to take the good along with the bad. I am currently a rescue Volunteer and Area Coordinator for Second Time Around Aussie Rescue (STAAR) I have a lot of people ask, "You are a breeder, and rescue? Isn't that a conflict of interest?" I see it like this; I will only produce when I have a list of homes for these puppies. I feel that if I produce a puppy, or my sire produces a puppy, it is my responsibility for the life of that dog. There will always be a need for puppies and I will try to produce dogs that are healthy and have a stable temperament. I also educate my buyers, and will take any dog back, any time. I urge people that want an Aussie to consider a rescue dog first. This way you get a dog whose temperament and size is known. Also the adults are housebroken and most are done with the chewing stage. We have rescued over 50 Aussies; we are proud of that and look forward in saving other Aussies lives. How can you help? We always need foster homes, food donations, telephone cards, newspaper ads, etc. If you can help please contact me or someone off the STAAR site (www.staar.org). This page is dedicated to the dogs we rescued, tried to rescue and the ones we will rescue.


Dogs We Have helped.

1.Riley - Red merle male, first rescue.
2.Beth - Black Tri Female
3.Shelby - Black Tri Female
4.Levi - Red Merle female
5.Apachee- Blue Merle Female w/ Tail, owners left tied to a tree and moved away.
6.Frank - Blue Merle Male
7.Toby - Blue Male w/ Excessive white
8.Lefty - Black Tri Male, owners left at a boarding facility.
9.Mel - Red Merle Male Excessive white
10.Sherman- Black Tri male stifle white
11.Peter - Black Tri Male
12.Jasmine- Black Tri Female
13.Momma Dog- Black Tri Female, whelped 8 puppies waiting to be spayed.
14.Greg - Black Bi male
15.Peter - Black Bi male
16.Bobby - Black Bi male
17.Marsha - Black Bi female
18.Jan - Black Bi female
19.Cindy - Black Bi male
20.Regal - Red Tri Male
21.Roxy - Black Tri Female
22.Reno - Black Tri Male
23.Travis - Black Tri Male, euthanized due to severe demodectic mange.
24.Rusty - Red Tri feMale
25.Jake - Blue Male, euthanized due to aggression.
26.Noel - Black Tri Female
27.Roadie - Blue Male
28.Sadie - Black Tri Female
29.Sadie - Red Tri feMale
30.Penny - Red Tri female
31.Sydney - Red Tri female
32.K.D. - Black Tri Female, found with sister in a pen, owner said take away or else.
33.Black -Tri (euth aggression)
34.Blue - Merle (euth aggression)
35.Rusty - Red Tri Male
36.Andy - Red Tri Male
37.Blacki - Black Bi Male
38.Niels - Black Bi Male
39.Frazier- Black Bi Male
40.Smokey - Black Bi Male
41.BJ - Black tri Male
42.Bonnie - Blue merle Female
43.Buddy - Blue male
44.Katie - Black Tri Bitch
45.Abby- Black tri bitch
46.Reba- Red tri bitch
47.Penny-Red tri Bitch
48. Misty-Blue Merle Bitch
49. Hopper- Black Tri Dog
50. Havana- Black Tri Bitch
51. Chana- Blue Merle Bitch
52. Lucky/Mason- Black Tri Dog
53. Abby- Black Tri Bitch (short hair)
54. Dillon- Red Tri Male
55. Riley- Black Tri Male
56. Reno- Blue Male
57. Stormy- Black Tri Female
58. Missy- Self Blue Female