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Andy Welcome! Choosing a rescue is not only a rewarding experience, but you get a great pal in the process. We work with our rescues to help them learn to enjoy a full life. We take our rescues seriously and screen all applicants to make sure that it's a wonderful match for both the person and the dog.


Reno Staar #2811 RENO HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!

Reno is a 7 month old Blue merle male with 2 blue eyes. He is a beautiful dog that needs a loving home. Reno was sold to a family that was not ready for an energetic dog with their small children. Reno herded the children one too many times and ended up being put in the back yard for several months. They realized that they could not take care of Reno and give him the home he deserved, and put him in the local shelter. Staar was called and we now have Reno in a loving foster home. Reno is an outgoing puppy that just needs to be taught some manners. His foster home is working on manners and housebreaking. Reno loves kids, but I feel he needs to be with older kids, not small ones under 8. Reno is scheduled to be neutered soon and will not be available for adoption till the end of Feb.


At this time, we are not taking dogs in to foster. Don't hesitate to contact us about placing or adopting a dog, we can help point you in the right direction.




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