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The Start of Western Hills Aussies

Western Hills Aussies started in 1986 with our first Aussie, Brandy. Brandy is no longer with us today, but because of Brandy's intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness, we decided to become very active with the breed. An Aussie can do it all, that is one reason we love the breed so much. Their versatility, along with their intelligence, makes them an all-around great dog.

We only breed our dogs one to two times a year. When we do breed, we try to improve the breed and we are VERY health and temperament conscience. We try to breed for soundness in genetics and temperament. Our 2nd Aussie, BoBo has a multiple number of genetic problems due to poor breeding. We promised ourselves as we held BoBo through multiple seizures that any health problem was a major concern.

Conzett's Happy Little Brandy, CD
The Start of Western Hills Aussies
Dec 1985 to Feb 2000

Our Aussies are our Family First

We have our personal limit to how many dogs we can have at a time. Our dogs are not kenneled and live in the home with us. We have a few acres of fenced property for our dogs to run and play in. We believe it is important to spend time with each of our dogs daily. Our dogs are our family first, show dogs second. They sleep on our beds, go with us everywhere and are part of our family.

Meet the Leaders of the Pack


Behind Western Hills is a family that loves the breed and their dogs. Heidi was just out of High School when she got her first Aussie in 1986. She started showing in 1989 when she purchased Bo. She is a Registered Veterinarian Technician and it was at work where she meet Scott. They soon got married and started their own family.

Wesley and Mackenzie were raised with dogs their whole life. Wesley likes the dogs but tells everyone he is a cat person! We often joke about that within our family. Mackenzie has a totally different feeling about the dogs. She started showing when she was 1 1/2 and increases her love for the dogs daily. Make sure you check out our Jr page to see how successful Mackenzie has been at dog showing.

Everyone has a part of training the dogs. Scott has a personal love for dog behavior and will sit and study the pack and how they react to things. He can quickly pick up on a situation and figure out a positive way to fix a possible problem. Scott is also very passionate about stock dog training. He started this about a year ago and has done a wonderful job with George. He is now starting his second dog, Bink, and I think they will be amazing in the stock arena.

Heidi is a Senior Breeder Judge in ASCA and President of Heart of Texas ASC. She is the ASCA Webmaster and part owner of a photography company, 2MC Design. She still works occasional as a vet tech but mostly enjoys working from home and being a mom.

This year at nationals Scott, Heidi and Mackenzie showed in the generation class. It was great fun showing three generations of Western Hills Aussies with a few generations of our own.


We try to educate people as much as possible about current Aussie problems, especially people who are inquiring about purchasing an Aussie. Please, if you have any questions about our dogs or Aussies in general, E-mail us.

Thank you for visiting, now go meet the dogs. We think they are pretty special and think you will agree.

Western Hills Aussies are located in Sanger, Texas. We are about 40 miles north from the Dallas/Ft Worth area.


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