Through the years we have done several different ads and commercials with companies. They have included, JcPennys, ASPCA, GTE, different Kennels, CET, Aussie Gear and Simple Solutions. Here is a sample of a few. Also with our design company, our dogs have also be used in several logos that are seen in the aussie community. So when you see an ad, logo or commercial with an Aussie, it could be a Western Hills dog!!!

Watch George in a Best Maid Pickle Commercial. He was only 8 months old. This was before the director threw him out. You see soon after this George got on the chair with the little girl to see what she was so interested in, in the fridge! Whoops!

Below is just a collage of photos from ad different shoots through the years.

Logos created by Lorena Proia.

ASHGI Logo with Jake's head.
Staar Logo with Chance's head

Paintings by June Dudley. The second was the used for the 2010 ASCA Nationals. George is the blue merle. The cowboy and two dogs was the logo for the nationals. The extraction was done by Lorena Proia.





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