Rainbow Bridge

Through the years we have owned some wonderful dogs. This page is dedicated to the ones that were so close in our hearts. They might be gone but they will live in the memories we shared forever.



Conzett's Happy Little Brandy CD
Dec 1985 to Feb 2000
The Start of Western Hills Aussies

Brandy was the start of Western Hills. I purchased her in a pet store in Tennessee. Because of her intelligence, willingness to please, and over all disposition, I decided I wanted to be more active with this breed. Brandy was a Ch Copper Canyons Caligari CD grand daughter I was lucky to find her in a pet store that day. Thank goodness they didn't have any Siberian huskies since that is what I went in to buy!



Touches Ebony Mountain Man
Nov 1988 to Nov 2000
The teacher....

Bo-Bo was my teacher. He was the dog that introduced me to the show world. He taught me about breeding, good and bad. He was a very valuable dog and is responsible for where Western Hills is today in all aspects.

Bo was a dog that always was ready for a game of tug-a-war and he had a heart of gold.



Ch. Sugarbush's Lasting Impression
One of those special ones that will always be apart of you......

Nikki was a special girl. Everyone she met would fall in love with her. She passed that wonderful temperament on to her kids and grandkids. I am sad today that there are only a few grandkids left out of her, but Nikki will continue to live on through the memories of all the people she touched.



HOF A-Ch Western Hills Glimmer of Hope
Rest well Foxy Roxy.

We aquired Roxy as an adult from a friend who was ill. She fit into our home and our hearts quickly. Roxy was a wonderful producer and easily made it into ASCA Hall of Fame.



Ch. Western Hills Taking A Chance, CD, HIC
He was a true Chance of a lifetime.

Chance was Scott's dog. He would wiggle and wiggle when Scott was around. He was the first dog with whom I did modeling and he always did a great job. Chance was the #1 Dog in Altered the first year the program was in existence.



Ch. Briarbrook's Image Maker Cd STD-s DNA-CP
Well miss you Jakey Boy.....

Jake was a dog like Nikki who everyone loved. This photo is my favorite of him with my son Wesley. Jake loved the kids and would follow them everywhere.



A-Ch/Gr. Ch. Western Hills Marshall Dillon, HIC
My best buddy... my heart you will always be with me

Dillon was Heidi's heart dog. The Western Hills logo is of Dillon's head. He will always be a part of everything we do.



Western Hills In Motion NA NAJ RS-N NAC GS-N NGC HIC
1/26/1997 to 8/27/2010
The dog that reminded us what are dogs are to us, our pets first.

Fly was born a singlet puppy. At about 7 months of age, we realized Fly was not going to be show or breeding quality. We did not want to place him and he made us remember each day that our dogs are our pets first, show dogs second. Our hearts go into each one of our dogs and the connection we have with them is more important than any ribbons they might win.



ASCA/AKC/UKC Ch. Crocker’s Man of Mystery
05/10/2000 to 7/11/2011
The top dog with the dogs and in our hearts.

From being a top show dog, to a little girls first major show dog, to a dog in multiple ad campains this dog did it all. But the main thing this dog did was wiggle into our hearts. He was the alpha dog that was the best we ever had. He was a wonderful dog, he was our buddy, our family.

To see more about Austin visit his webpages.



ASCA/UKC HOF Ch. Western Hills ShuteRbug LosSuenos DNA-VP
10/25/2002 to 01/23/2012
The foundation of our lines today.

To know Mattie was to love Mattie. She was the sweetest dog we have ever had. From her wiggling butt to her smiling face. Mattie was the foundation of the dogs we have today. Her children and grandkids seem to have that same wonderful outgoing temperament and the goat gene! Thank you Dorothy Montano for restart of our kennel and helping me get my Mattie. She was, still is and will continue to be the foundation of what Western Hills is today.

To see more about Mattie visit her webpages.



ASCA/UKC Ch. Western Hills Whatcha Scratchn At RS-N GS-N JS-N NJC NGC NAC HIC DNA-CP
04/25/1999 to 02/01/2013
Our first BBX Champion

Flea has made a major impact on our lives and kennel. From being our first champion, top ten dog to having us learn more about dog behavior so we don't have mistakes repeat themselves. She is a gentle soul that will be missed.

To see more about Flea visit her webpages.



Ch Los Suenos Legends N'Lace DNA-VP
8/30/1997 to 05/05/2014
Mackenzie's first heart dog

We had her almost 17 years... but that wasn't long enough. She was Mackenzie's first dog, her first show dog, her first heart dog. Red was the best friend a girl could have growing up. Thank you Red for the love and devotion you had for a little girl. You will always be in our hearts.

To see more about Red visit her webpages.


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