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George is our main man at Western Hills. He is the dog that does everything with us. He is Mackenzie's softball team mascot and enjoys getting dressed up and going to safe spook on Halloween. He is the type of dog that loves everything and everyone so it makes it easy to take him along. He is a joy to live with and makes us smile each day.

George has his paw in a little bit of every activity. As a puppy, George easily finished his Championship in ASCA and UKC. His showing in AKC has been limited.

Scott and George have been learning to handle stock together. George has been a WONDERFUL dog for Scott to start stock handling. George is very forgiving of Scott while he's learning to handle and will keep working no matter the number of repetitions or errors. Together they have already gotten several titles and I expect several more in the future.

George also has started in Rally and thinks it is fun. Now if only his mom was a good as he is!

George is a quick learner and excels at learning new things. He knows about 30 different tricks most of them also have hand signals. He will watch and wait for the next command. Of course, as most Aussies, if you are not fast enough he will start to offer behaviors.

George is now standing to outside bitches. The number of outside breedings each year will be limited. To get more information about using George and a video on him, visit the stud dog page.

Check out George's other pages to find out more about our boy.


  • Jan 2011 Rally trial. 1 weekend, new title. (Pic)
  • ASCA Nationals Started Cattle Title (Pic)
  • ASCA Pre-Show Started Cattle Leg (Pic)
  • ASCA Pre-Show Started Duck Leg (Pic)
















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