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We have two wonderful kids. Wesley is currently in college. Wesley likes the dogs but tells everyone he is more a cat person. It is a family joke that never gets old. But when he is needed with the dogs in taking care of them he can always be counted on. He is a big part of our family and even if he isn't "into" the dogs, we consider him part of Western Hills Aussies.

Mackenzie has always been different then Wesley. From the very start she was drawn towards the dogs. From giving them her cheerios when she was a baby to now sleeping with 3 on her bed at night. She is passionate about dog showing also. She started showing when she was just a one and a half old. She showed Nikki at that time.

Through the years she has continued to show in the conformation ring in Jr Handlers. She would show Roxy as a Pee Wee then Red came into her life.

Red basically taught Mackenzie how to handle. She would make sure this 4 year old would have the dog on the correct side and always run at a nice steady gait. Red was a wonderful teacher for Mackenzie. She will always have a special place in Mackenzie's heart. We lost Red when she was almost 17 years old in May of 2014.

As Mackenzie started to get more involved with Jrs she needed a dog that would allow her to switch sides. Red would have NONE of that! So Mackenzie started using Austin as her Jr dog. Austin was a great dog for her to show in Jrs and they did very well together.

In the 2007-2008 show year for ASCA Mackenzie showed Austin as an Altered Special. She, on her own, managed to get Austin number #18 for the year and qualify for Nationals Conformation Finals. Mackenzie went to Vegas with Austin and was the youngest one in finals and it was really special since she qualified him on her own. Austin and Mackenzie were both 8 years old at that time.

We decided it was time for Mackenzie to get her own dog to train for Jrs and show. We where lucky enough to be able to breed and get a 3/4th sister to Red. This special dog Mackenzie named Sugar.

Last year Sugar and Mackenzie achieved ASCA 500 club. This was a year long goal of Mackenzie's. She is one of the youngest Jrs to get this goal in ASCA and we are so proud of her.

Mackenzie is enjoying show Sugar also in Rally. They are doing a wonderful job and we expect titles to soon follow. Mackenzie also enjoys helping other people by showing their dog and feels it to be an honor to be asked. She recently finished a dog for one friend and then also won Best of Winners at the ASCA Pre-show with another friend's dog.

Mackenzie has contiuned to take the show ring by storm in Jrs. She wins multiple best of jrs in ASCA, AKC and UKC. Some of her highlights include:

ASCA 500 Club
8-12 Region 5 Winner

ASCA 500 Club
8-12 Region 5 Winner
High Score Jr 8-12 Handling

ASCA 500 Club
8-12 Region 5 Winner
High Score Jr 8-12 Handling
2012 Nationals out of 8-12 class

  • Best Jr Delta Pre Show
  • Best Jr Cascade Pre Show
  • Reserve Jr PASC Pre Show
  • Reserve Jr ASCA Finals

ASCA 500 Club
8-12 Region 5 Winner
2013 ASCA Nationals

  • Reserve Jr Handler AZ Preshow
  • Best Jr at ASCA Finals
  • Reserve Jr ASCA Nationals
  • Cover of Aussie Times because of Finals Win

2013-2014 - so far
ASCA 500 Club


As parents we are so proud of both our kids. We know both have a very bright future in store for them and we are excited to be apart of it.




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