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George is involved in multiple activities. Currently Scott is working toward going into the open stock ring. I am working him in Rally and showing him in conformation here and there. We hope to start agility again with him if my knee can hold up.


George is currently training for Open. George has been Scott's first stock dog and they have done a great job together. George is very biddable and works well with Scott just learning. George has tons of heart and desire to work. Scott's goal for George is a WTCH and their trainer feels it is an obtainable goal for both of them.

George at Nationals
Another Nationals shot


George and are are training in Rally and we got our first Rally title the first weekend we showed. It's been a long time since I've shown in obedience, so it was fun to be back in the ring.

George will finish his X title before he moves into Advanced in ASCA. We will show also for his rally titles in AKC and UKC. He is a natural heeler and quickly learns the exercises.




George doesn't get to play agility as much as any of us would like. When he does get to work, he LOVES it. If he had an owner with a better knee, I know he would be amazing in agility



The True George.....

Below are photos of George's true personality. Last year he was Mackenzie's softball team mascot. Mackenzie is very active in softball and we often practice in the front yard with George as our outfielder. To get George to be our outfielder we tell him to get out, and he will go out and lie in the outfield awaiting balls. Mackenzie will practice hitting and running and the object is for her to get to a base or bases before George can get the ball back to the pitcher. It is great fun and George loves it.

The other photos show George at Safe Spook. Each year all the kids in town dress up and go tricking or treating downtown. To my husband's dismay, we dress George up each year so he can enjoy the festivities. George thinks it is wonderful and loves the attention.




George having to kiss the "puppy"

Mackenzie and George won the costume contest as The Countess and Count Barkcula.
Of course Count Barkcula had to bark on command in front of the judges!

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