Ch Los Suenos Legends N'lace DNA-VP


Red was bred by Dorothy Montano (Los Suenos) and Anne Shope (Legends).

Years ago, when I was at Dorothy's home, Red approached me and gave me kisses. I asked at that time what the chance was for her to come to Texas. Well, we worked it out and Red came to Texas for a year to show.

Red walked into our home and basically into our hearts on the same day. From day one, she decided she needed to sleep on the bed with us and that Mackenzie, our daughter, was her little girl. Since then, Red and Mackenzie have developed a wonderful bond. I caught Mackenzie teaching Red to jump on our bed and then she will giggled as Red kissed her. This was when Mackenzie was 4 years old.

During the next year, Mackenzie and Red's bond grew and grew. She was Mackenzie's first official Jr dog. Red always made sure she was on the correct side and stopped with a perfect stack for Mackenzie. She started sleeping on Mackenzie's bed and they became inseparable.  I told Dorothy about the bond between the two and she gave Red to Mackenzie. It was the best gift Mackenzie has ever received. Currently, Mackenzie also has Sugar, but the bond with Red is still the strongest.

When Mackenzie was about 6 she asked if she could take Red to college with her. I told Mackenzie Red will always be in your heart.

Mackenzie showed Red at the 2010 ASCA Nationals in the 13+ class and they had a blast. Make sure you visit the photo page to see more of this special dog and her girl.











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