Stud Dog Information


Our boys are standing to a limited number of outside bitches. We do not believe in over using our boys so we each year we have a limit on the number of breedings each dog will be used for. We recommend that you contact us early to reserve a spot on the list. Each female applying must pass a list of tests before the cross will be considered.

Test Required:

OFA or equivalent of Hips and elbows.
Cataract DNA Test or cleared by parentage
Current eye exam by certified ophthalmologist
MDR1 or cleared by parentage
PRA or cleared by parentage

The information for each of my stud dogs on all the above tests can be found on my document page where you can download a PDF for easy printing.

We believe this is a joint decision on the part of the dam owner and sire owner, so each cross will be discussed, reviewing the pedigrees, the strengths and weakness of both dogs before deciding if it would be a good cross. I take breeding very seriously and believe that puppies on the ground from my stud dogs are just as much my responsibility as the dogs I produce at my home.

The Boys:

HOF ASCA Ch UKC Gr Ch Western Hills Got My Mind Set on U OTDs STDcd OFTDs RS-N JS-O GS-N RN PT DNA-VP "George"

George, is currently training for agility and stock and will begin trialing in open this spring. Our goal is a VCH title. We know he is more than capable of achieving this goal; it’s his handlers we’re not so sure about!

George has consistently out produced himself with his puppies. With limited breeding, George has had 4 different top 20 conformation offspring out of 3 different dams. He has also had multiple agility titled dogs that are consistently in the ribbons.

George has stamped all of his puppies with his wonderful temperament. They all have a strong desire to please, they love life, their people and everyone they meet. His puppies are all very smart and biddable.

George has a very limited space left for breeding in 2013, contact me for more information.

Below is George's video that highlights his conformation, talent and personality.

For more information about George visit his pages.


ASCA/AKC Ch UKC GrCh Western Hills FutrSoBrite LosSueno DNA-VP

Shades is currently standing to outside bitches.

Shades is a very outgoing dog. Like his father, he loves the world and everything in it. My husband once said that Shades got a double dose of personality; and I think he’s right. He is a happy dog that can take anything in stride. Nothing bothers Shades and as far as he’s concerned, life is good.

Shades finished ASCA 2011-2012 year number one dog in the country, and number 2 overall. He has won numerous best of breeds under multiple breeder judges. He is currently working on his AKC Grand Championship.

Shades has just been bred locally to see what he can produce. Once we have evaluated the litters, we will have more information. We are excited to watch these puppies as they mature. Out of those litters he has produced sevearl champions and major pointed offspring.

Below is Shades' video that highlights his movement, as well as his outgoing personality. For more information about Shades visit his pages.



ASCA/UKC Ch Western Hills Get Happy DNA-VP


Soup is not standing to stud until his first litter has some age on them.

We like to breed our boys 1-2 times at home or close to home before we stand them to any outside bitches. This gives us some good information on what they can produce. If all goes well, Soup will be standing in 2015 to outside bitches.

If you want more information about Soup for 2015 contact us.



For more information about our boys, contact us. If you are interested in who these boys are having puppies with visit their "Ladies" page.


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