ASCA/UKC Ch Western Hills ShuteRbug LosSuenos DNA-VP


Mattie is a very special baby to us. We were lucky enough to co-lease her mamma from Dorothy Montano of Los Sueno's to have this litter. Thank you Dorothy, for the wonderful opportunity.

Mattie is a very correct black tri bitch. She has an attitude to go with that cuteness! She loves to play with toys, especially tug a war! We are lucky she is a kisser like her mamma is. She loves to wiggle at new people and share those great kisses.

Mattie just finished her ASCA Ch at 16 months old. And her UKC Ch at 17 months old with a best of breed. I specialed her here and there in the ASCA ring but she was a tough one to show. Why you ask? Because she would start kissing when you got close to stack her. When a judge came up she would start wiggling. When the judge got near and their face was close, forget it, she would give them tons of kisses.

Mattie has been a wonderful producer and mother. She LOVES her puppies and does an amazing job. She is quickly approaching Hall of Fame status. She has produced multiple champions, agility and herding titled pups. One of her offspring won High in Trial Open at the 2010 ASCA nationals Agility trial. Another one of her offspring won a premier in the conformation ring.

Mattie's main job for now is to be Mackenzie's bed warmer. She sleep with Mackenzie every night along with Mackenzie's other two dogs. Yes it is a crowded bed.

We unexpectedly lost Mattie on January 23, 2012 to cancer. There was no signs till that last day, then we ended up in emergency surgery. Once inside we realize how bad it was and she never woke up. I can't express the sorrow and lost our family has been going through. Mattie will contiune to live on in our heart and her wonderful offspring she has given to us.

Rest well my Mattie till we meet agin.















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